The FRX 80 is a durable and supportive skate with a hard plastic shell and removable liner.


This is a great for beginner and intermediate skaters with an interest in urban, freeride and/or slalom skating. The X2R frame allow you skate 4x80mm in a flat or rockered setup.


Options: For those looking for more comfort and better performance, this skate can be purchase with the Intuition Skate Liner V2. Intuition is well known in the ski, snowboard and now the inline skate industry for their heat mouldable foam. 


This skate does not include a brake. If you are a beginner we recommend purchasing the FR Brake for these skates, along with an extra FR Brake Pad.

  • Plastic Shell
  • Removable FR Liner
  • X2R Rockerable 243mm Frame
  • FR Street Kings 80mm/85a Wheels
  • FR Twincam MW7 Freeride Bearings

FR FRX 80 - Black

SKU: 00005
  • Seba was founded in year 2005 by a French freestyle slalom champion, Sebastien Laffargue. Since early days, the brand has been striving for innovation and growth of both freestyle slalom and freeskating. It is safe to say that without Seba, both disciplines would be in a very different place. It was Seba whom introduced first carbon shell freestyle slalom skate in to the market, in the form of Seba High Carbon, although still with replaceable liner. It was the first freeskating company really paying attention to frame mounting system - nowadays metal plates with frame position adjustment are common, but back in the day they were almost exclusive to Seba models. Seba also introduced cuff canting system in to hardboots, made the very first skates with carbon cuff, first pre-rockered frames for slalom and offered customers a variety of freeskating setups in times when competition sticked to usual 4x80mm wheels in 243mm frames for their skates.

    Although Seba brought many innovations in to the skating, for the majority of their history they were laser-focused on just two disciplines - freeskating and freestyle slalom. This has changed in 2013, when they've introduced Seba CJ, a carbon based aggressive boot, that lead to creation of freeride SX model and finally - Leon Basin putting together his very first Wizard skate. Over the years, the company has tried to expand in different directions, with marathon skates and now-discounted GT line which was an attempt to enter fitness market. These "experiments" weren't successful, but their failure put Seba back on track, making them once again focused on their core market, delivering even better products. Few years back the company founder took a large part of Seba catalogue and started a new brand, FR Skates. This has, understably, caused some confusion among customers, but important thing is that effectively, all iconic Seba skates are still being made, under old or new label.

    Seba is actively supporting freestyle slalom communities worldwide, being a major sponsor of WSSA league, releasing pro-skates and supporting talents. On customer level, the brand is known for wide availability of replacement parts and reliable, quality gear.

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